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Soil Health Resources

Tasmanian landholders can now access a wealth of information about how to best manage soil drainage and soil nutrition, with the Tasmanian-specific soil management decision support tools.

Make informed soil health decisions with experts by your side.

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Small Farm Living

DIY Property Planning Tool

Online solutions to support smallholders

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2030 NRM Strategy Northern Tasmania

A new natural resource management vision for Tasmania

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What is NRM North?

We are one of three formally recognised natural resource management organisations in Tasmania and one of 54 across Australia. NRM North works with industry and the community to care for our natural resources across our region in northern Tasmania.

Our Programs

NRM North develop programs that recognise the need to balance the environmental, economic and social needs of the people of the region. We work in partnership with all stakeholders to determine appropriate investment and cost-sharing strategies in the management of our natural resources.

NRM North Region

Our Region

The NRM North region of Tasmania covers 19,800 km2 and is bounded by some of Tasmania’s most outstanding and picturesque landscapes.

From Bass Strait, along the craggy peaks of the Western Tiers to the stunning beaches of the Bay of Fires and the unspoiled islands of the Furneaux and Kent Groups. More than 143,000 people live in the region, with the major urban areas based around Launceston and the Tamar Valley.

The valley is dissected by the iconic kanamaluka/Tamar estuary. At 70 km, it is Australia’s longest navigable estuary carrying the combined flows from over 10,000 km2 including the waters from the North Esk, South Esk, Meander, Brumby’s Lake and Macquarie Rivers.

Much of the region’s wealth is derived from industries such as agriculture, viticulture, forestry, tourism, fishing, aquaculture and recreation – all of which depend on our natural resources.

Funding & Grants

NRM North will have a number of upcoming projects and funding opportunities for landholders to get involved with.

Get Involved!

Getting involved with local NRM activities is a great way to feel connected, make a difference, and learn about northern Tasmania.

Learn More About Our Waterways

Northern Tasmanians are privileged to live in the largest catchment in Tasmania, where five major rivers – the North and South Esk, Macquarie River, Meander River, and Brumby’s Creek-Lake River flow throughout the landscape and into the kanamaluka/Tamar estuary. We have a number of great films and facts sheets to help you better understand our waterways.

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