Aboriginal NRM

The Aboriginal NRM Program aim is to build knowledge and capacity within the Aboriginal community to manage natural values on country and enhance awareness of Aboriginal cultural heritage in natural resource management.

The Big Picture

The NRM North region encompasses the lands of several traditional owner groups. NRM North acknowledges and respects the traditional custodians and their deep spiritual attachment to country, and values the knowledge and contribution that Aboriginal people make towards natural resource management. NRM North recognises that Aboriginal cultural values and land management practices are critical to the management of the region’s natural resources.

truwana lagoon
East Coast Cape Barren Island Lagoons (ECCBIL) have been given Ramsar status.
Aunty Patsy Cameron
Aunty Patsy Cameron sharing Aboriginal knowledge of bush foods to the staff of NRM North.

Strategic Focus

The focus of the Aboriginal NRM Program is to work in collaboration with the Aboriginal community to facilitate natural resource management on country and improve awareness and consideration of Aboriginal cultural heritage in natural resource management planning, use and development.

The strategic outcomes that NRM North will focus on between 2015-2025 include:

  • increasing Aboriginal community capacity to implement Healthy Country Plans and provide opportunities for continuation of tunapri and cultural knowledge;
  • supporting the Aboriginal community to implement priority actions for the management of cultural and natural values and Healthy Country Plans;
  • supporting the Aboriginal community to protect heritage sites and landscapes outside of Land Management plans; and
  • supporting the Aboriginal community to raise awareness with land managers, planners and recreational users to increase knowledge and recognition of aboriginal cultural heritage values in natural resource management.

You can learn more about the Aboriginal Program in the NRM North Strategic Plan 2019-2023.


NRM North acknowledges the Tasmanian Aboriginal people are the Traditional Owners of the land we live and work on. We respect and value the strong physical and spiritual links Aboriginal people have with county and acknowledge their custodianship of the islands that make up Tasmania for over 1,600 generations (over 40,000 years).