Small Farm Living

The Small Farm Living Program offers support to smallholders in the NRM North region to care for their natural resources and achieve biodiversity and sustainable productivity goals on their small, non-commercial lifestyle properties.


The Small Farm Living Program benefits smallholders by facilitating knowledge sharing and skill development through smaller events and workshops, promoting the availability of funding for on-ground environmental work, facilitating smallholder property management planning and providing a web-based resource centre. The program also hosts the biennial Small Farm Living Field Day, held in partnership with Lilydale Landcare.

Small Farm Living focus area

The Small Farm Living Program works with small landholders throughout the northern Tasmania NRM region.

Mother and foal

Horses present unique pasture management challenges for landholders.


In 2012, NRM North recognised a growing need and opportunity to provide land management advice and support to smallholders in the region. An increase in ‘rural living’ properties was accompanied by an emerging sector of landowners with limited background in land management, often lacking in local support networks to approach for advice. Weed management and animal biosecurity are part of a broad spectrum of potential risks and issues addressed in the Small Farm Living Program, enabling the community to identify and care for the valuable natural resources in their area, creating a positive impact on wider conservation and biodiversity projects.


The Small Farm Living Program began in July 2012 through funding provided by the Australian Government’s Biodiversity Fund and has been self-funded by NRM North. Now funded by the National Landcare Program: Smart Farms Small Grants (Round 4), the project will deliver:

  • a biennial Small Farm Living Field Day, in partnership with Lilydale Landcare;
  • workshops and field days on a range of topics, such as soil and pasture health, native seed collecting and plant propagation, weed management and more;
  • the online Small Farm Living Resource Centre, with relevant information and resources from industry, government and conservation groups;
  • Property Management Planning (PMP) support, workbooks and workshops, tailored to smallholders;
  • support for eligible environmental works on properties, including native habitat protection and revegetation; and
  • regular e-newsletter with relevant information and events.
Planting young seedling

Property Management Planning is incorporated in the Small Farm Living Program.

cow and dog_700x525

The DIY Property Planning Tool supports smallholders to get the most out of their property.

DIY Property Planning Tool

While living on a rural property is often a dream come true, managing a small property can be daunting. Whether you have inherited an acreage, made a change from urban life, or moved from interstate, there is a lot to know and a lot to do!

The Small Farm Living DIY Property Planning tool is designed to capture the most important information and help you set realistic goals. Preparing a property plan is also a great way to ensure that everyone involved with the property has a shared vision, or to identify and explore different expectations and priorities between partners or family members.

Use of this free online tool is made possible by NRM North’s Small Farm Living Program, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Quick Q&A

How can I get involved?

There are multiple ways for small landholders to get involved in the Small Farm Living Program:

  • Explore the online Resource Centre, for relevant information on a broad range of topics.
  • Download the Property Management Planning (PMP) workbooks from NRM North.
  • Join us at an event to discuss small farm techniques, while meeting other smallholders from across Northern Tasmania. See our upcoming events for details.
  • Stay in touch by joining the Small Farm Living e-newsletter mailing list.
How does NRM North support Property Management Planning for smallholders?

The Property Management Planning resources and support provided by NRM North can assist you to:

  • identify assets and issues;
  • set goals and map future plans for sustainable management and production;
  • prioritise actions to achieve property goals;
  • source information, resources and technical assistance; or
  • undertake a property risk assessment.

Use the self-assessment guides, downloadable from our publications and resources (use filters 'Biodiversity' and 'Small Farm Living'), to undertake current and future scenario mapping. Landholders in the NRM North region are welcome to contact us to receive hard copy workbooks, advice and assistance with the self-assessment guides.


This project is supported by NRM North, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program Smart Farms Small Grants (Round 4).


This project is supported by NRM North, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program Smart Farms Small Grants (Round 4).