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Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot Factsheet
A factsheet that describes the Australian Government's Agriculture Stewardship Package initiative - Enhancing Remnant Vegetation.
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Edible Native Plants of Tasmania
A general guide to potentially edible plants in Tasmania
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Environment, flooding and aesthetics; Sediment in the kanamaluka/Tamar estuary
TEMT commissioned the TEER program to conduct a review of sediment management options in the estuary, to provide greater understanding of future management options.
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Living Next Door to a Farmer
Keeping good relations between farming and non-farming neighbours will go a long way to preventing or resolving any concerns that may arise. TFGA have a range of resources for residents of peri-urban areas.
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Effluent Management Code of Practice - Dairy Farm Premises - May 2010
A code of practice made under the Dairy Industry Act 1994 by the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority.
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Urban Refuges - Design Your Garden for Eastern Barred Bandicoots
Five unique, specialised and beautiful garden designs have been created to inspire backyard gardeners and professional landscapers to create habitat for eastern barred bandicoots.
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Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot - Northern Tasmania NRM Region - Fact Sheet
The northern Tasmanian NRM Region is one of six regions to trial the Australian Government's Carbon + Biodiversity Trial. This factsheet summarises some important points for potential applicants.
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Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot - Northern Tasmania NRM region - Planting Protocol
This document details the eligibility, design, establishment and maintenance conditions that apply to environmental planting projects under the Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot Program (C+B Pilot).
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Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot - Northern Tasmania NRM Region - Price Guide
The Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot: Price Guide (Price Guide) has been developed to help farmers who are considering applying to participate in the Agriculture Stewardship – Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot (C+B Pilot).
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Understorey Network - Plant Species List - Break O'Day
A sample of common and uncommon species that occur in the municipality, that are relatively easy to procure and grow.
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