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Erosion Economic Calculator - Fact Sheet
This factsheet describes why and how to use the calculator that helps the agricultural community to understand the financial risks of erosion, and the potential costs of inaction.
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Erosion Economic Calculator
This calculator provides estimated costs to farm incomes that may arise due to soil erosion.
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Weeds Action Fund Enterprise Type
Use this list to select the most suitable enterprise type(s) for each PID in your project
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Weeds Action Fund Targeted Large Grants Application Form
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Weeds Action Fund Targeted Large Grants Guidelines
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Floodplain Fencing
An NRM North factsheet about floodplain fences that minimise the risk of flood damage.
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DPIPWE Cat Management in Tasmania
The Tasmanian Government promotes responsible cat ownership and the Cat Management Act 2009 and the Cat Management Regulations 2012 provide support for the community in managing the health, welfare and impacts of cats.
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TassieCat Resources
A range of downloadable cat management resources.
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River Health Action Plan - Catchment Works Video Series
This four-part video series talks about NRM North’s role in the delivery of the River Health Action Plan.
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Honeybee Pesticide Poisoning: A Risk Management Tool for Australian Farmers and Beekeepers
A web-based resource from Agrifutures published in 2012
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