About Us

NRM North is one of three formally recognised natural resource management organisations in Tasmania and one of 54 across Australia. NRM North was established in 2003 through a community-driven process in response to the Tasmanian Government’s Natural Resource Management Framework and its enabling legislation, the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002 (Amendments 2018).

NRM North

NRM North works with industry and the community to care for natural resources across northern Tasmania. NRM North is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that manages government investment in natural resource management (NRM) and actively seeks funding from non-government sources, for the planning, delivery and implementation of integrated NRM.

The organisation is overseen by the NRM North Management Committee to ensure the continuation of sound business and best practice in natural resource management.

Sheep on the move

Sheep grazing at the Baxter property, within the northern Tasmania NRM region.

Volunteers plant trees

Volunteers planting seedlings in Westbury.

Vision and Aims

The NRM North vision is to be the leading non-government organisation that produces results in natural resource management across northern Tasmanian.

NRM North aims to:

  • provide leadership to ensure sound management of the region’s natural resources;
  • develop programs that recognise the need to balance the environmental, economic and social needs of the community;
  • work in partnership with all stakeholders to determine appropriate investment and cost-sharing strategies; and
  • positively influence the way people view and manage the natural resources of the northern region and implement relevant activities on-ground.

Our Region

Northern Tasmania covers 19,800 square kilometres and bounded by some of Tasmania’s most outstanding and picturesque landscapes. It is home to over 143,000 people with the major urban areas based around Launceston and the Tamar Valley. Northern Tasmania contains the iconic kanamaluka/Tamar estuary, Australia’s longest navigable estuary at 70km, carrying the combined flows from over 10,000 square kilometres, including the waters from the North and South Esk, Meander and Macquarie Rivers. It is also home to numerous historic colonial villages and settlements and generates much of its wealth from natural resource dependent industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, viticulture, forestry, tourism and recreation.

The region is governed by eight municipal councils: the City of Launceston, West Tamar, Northern Midlands, Meander Valley, Dorset, Break O’Day, George Town and Flinders Island.

Small Farm Living focus area

NRM North works across much of the north and north east of Tasmania including the Furneaux group.

Log on a river bank

Northern Tasmania carries the combined flows from over 10,000 square kilometres.

Our Strategy

To direct the operations of NRM North, the Management Committee has adopted the 2030 Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy for Northern Tasmania. Focusing on the three primary themes of Land, Water and Biodiversity, the strategy provides a blueprint for the actions that NRM North will focus on through to 2030. With a view to long-term outcomes that include:

  • support for Aboriginal communities;
  • improving landscape resilience to climate change;
  • improved waterway health, and
  • reducing impacts on Tasmania’s threatened species.