Tasmanian Cat Management Project

This project takes a whole-of-community approach to the management of domestic and stray cats, working with government and key stakeholders to promote and enable responsible cat ownership and reduce the environmental and social impacts of roaming and stray cats.


A pet cat kept safe at home can live up to four times longer than a cat left to roam.


Through collaboration and partnerships with local councils, animal welfare groups, and key stakeholders, the Tasmanian Cat Management Project (TCMP) will contribute to the initiatives set out in the Tasmanian Government’s Tasmanian Cat Management Plan 2017-2022. The TCMP focuses on engagement with the Tasmanian community to promote responsible cat ownership including desexing, microchipping, containing pet cats indoors and appropriate rehoming behaviour.


The Tasmanian Cat Management Plan 2017-2022 recognises that cats are an important part of Tasmanian society, but the role they play is a complex one. The species can be many things to different people, including much-loved pets, useful animals that control vermin, nuisance animals that annoy neighbours and invasive animals that spread disease and have an adverse impact on native wildlife and agriculture.

Recent changes to cat management legislation in Tasmania require effective communication and implementation support to be successful. Understanding the barriers to appropriate cat ownership and management, and working with multiple stakeholders to improve understanding and collaboration are crucial.

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Unwanted litters often end up at a Cat Management Facility, creating a burden of veterinary and re-homing costs.

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Stakeholders share knowledge, identify collaborations and plan strategically as part of the Working Group.


The Tasmanian Cat Management Project was established in 2018 through funding from the Tasmanian Government. Key project activities include:

  • facilitate responsible cat ownership and appropriate management of stray and roaming cats in the Tasmanian community through partnerships with local government and key stakeholders;
  • provide expert advice and useful resources to help owners keep their cats healthy and happy, whilst protecting wildlife and communities, through the state-wide responsible pet cat ownership initiative, TassieCat;
  • attend events, community and industry discussions to educate the broader community about how to help stray or unwanted cats and promote responsible pet cat ownership; and
  • provide support to land managers and community groups to minimise the impacts of cats in areas with important conservation values.

Quick Q&A

Where can I find resources and information about responsible cat management?

If you are the owner of a pet cat, or want information to help you speak to neighbours about cats in your community, the TassieCat website is a great place to start.

What is being done to address feral cats in Tasmania?

The Tasmanian Government and key stakeholders are working on initiatives to help manage the populations of feral cats in Tasmania, however feral cats are not a focus of the Tasmanian Cat Management Project. For information on feral cats, please review the information available from the Tasmanian Government.

Where can I find cat management facilities in Tasmania?

There are three registered cat management facilities in Tasmania:

I have feral or stray cats roaming on my property. What can I do?

The Cat Management Act 2009 outlines the management actions that can be taken when a cat is found in a prohibited, rural or remote area. Please visit the Tasmanian Government website for more information.


The Tasmanian Cat Management Project is supported by:


The Tasmanian Cat Management Project is supported by: